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74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money.
Trade.com Facts
Min. Deposit

Min. $ 100 Deposit

Regulated byCySEC
Max. Leverage1:30
TypeMarket Maker
Min. TradeVaries by asset
74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money.
PlatformsWeb Trader, MetaTrader 4
InstrumentsCFD, Commodities, Stock, Indices, ETF

Trade.com Review 2020

Deposit & Withdrawal Options
Demo Account
74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

If you are in a country like the United States, you have an endless arrangement of options to choose from when it comes time to choose your financial services broker, but not all brokers are willing to work with citizens of the United States, because they specialize in servicing the needs of international clients. If you live abroad, your options may be more expansive due to fewer regulations and the abundance of companies that are willing to work with citizens from your country. This is where companies like Trade.com come into the picture. Trade.com is a full-service broker that provides international customers with access to thousands of financial instruments. In this way, international clients can now purchase every kind of financial instrument they want to trade right from a single Trade.com brokerage account.

This type of convenience doesn’t come with a lack of security or trust either. As a Trade.com review will readily demonstrate, this company has a proven track record for providing its clients with reliable trades at reasonable prices. Not only that though, but Trade.com is also registered with major authorities within the financial sector that are based in Cyprus, a major financial hub of the world. Whether you want to buy cryptocurrency, or you are looking to engage in some high-risk CFD trading, you can use Trade.com to get the job done. Trade.com is a one-stop shop for financial services, and they are absolutely perfect for international customers since Trade.com actually specializes in servicing this sector of the economy. Along with offering a series of financial instruments and an exceptional trading platform that provides users with a considerable amount of control over every purchase, they also have an educational section that may prove to be beneficial to the novice investor. If you don’t know anything about trading commodities, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs, just head on over to the education section at Trade.com to learn more about the financial services industry.

Account Opening

When you are setting up an account for the purpose of actively trading your funds on the open market, it is essential that you work with a reputable provider of financial exchange services so that you don’t have to worry about anything shady going on behind the scenes. Companies that have only been recently established in countries that are not heavily regulating their financial industries should be avoided. On the other hand, you want to look for companies like Trade.com who have established themselves as a standard of professionalism within the currency trading markets over a period of years. Not only can you trade with confidence when partnered with a company like Trade.com, but you can also work with a company that has a long-standing history of excellence. In this way, you can be certain they have handled many transactions just like yours every time you pull the trigger to buy and sell your valuable holdings.

www.trade.com – Official Webpage

Trading platforms like Trade.com absolutely must be reliable when it comes to executing trades. The last thing you want as a trader is to be on a platform that tells you one thing and then does another. For instance, many of the low-end trading platforms available today will have large spreads resulting in users paying too much for products that would cost considerably less elsewhere. By partnering with a company like Trade.com that is well-established within the industry, you can be certain you will only ever have to pay reasonable fees for every trade you make.

You can also count on companies like Trade.com to provide you with important safety measures that will further protect your assets while investing. For instance, some companies ensure that your losses may not exceed the value of your account to thoroughly mitigate the risks of trading in riskier investment vehicles. That way, if you ever do get caught in a pinch, you will only lose an amount of money you have willingly chosen to risk. This should provide traders with peace of mind, but it should also remind them to tread carefully in these risky markets since most investors typically lose money when making these types of trades. By working with an experienced trading company that will provide you with reliable service throughout the year, you can greatly increase the odds that your trades will ultimately prove to be profitable. And your average Trade.com review would indicate that it’s pretty easy to setup an account with them, as long as you live in country that is permitted to access their system.

Demo Account

74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Commissions and Fees

When it comes to commissions and fees, you just might be surprised that all these trading services, the entirety of the Trade.com financial instruments at your disposal, may be traded completely commission free. This is made possible through the spread that is used to complete your trades however. Every time you make a trade, you pay a certain quoted price that is presented by the broker. When you are working with a reputable company like Trade.com, you can be certain they are doing everything they can to bring you competitive trading rates, but this is where they make their money, so you should expect to pay a little bit to cover the spread.

A typical Trade.com review would indicate that the fees customers pay to trade on this platform are comparable with the average fees in the industry. Even so, Trade.com offers their customers access to more financial instruments than just about every other company in this sector, which makes their services particularly valuable compared to lesser platforms.

Account feeNo
Deposit fee$0
Withdrawal fee$0
Inactivity feeYes
74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Deposit and Withdrawal

While some platforms might double dip by charging you to deposit and withdraw your funds, Trade.com does not. This further establishes this site as a leader at the forefront of its industry, despite it being a relatively young company. While you certainly want to look for companies that have been established within their industries for decades, that doesn’t always mean they will provide you with superior services. In fact, the youngest companies in many industries are some of the most innovative companies around. Trade.com has proven to be rather innovative by greatly simplifying the process of trading all types of commodities on the open market while only paying fees contained in the spread for each trade. This means you don’t have to worry about losing funds before you’ve even traded anything. Now, you only have to pay trading fees once you start trading. But be sure to keep your account active, because as one Trade.com review would indicate, this company will charge its customers if their account is left inactive.

Deposit and Withdrawal MethodAvailable
VISA / Mastercard
Credit/Debit Cards
Bank Transfer

Regulation and Reputation

When it comes to the financial services industry, there’s almost nothing more important than regulation. It has been proven time after time that regulations applied to the financial services industry help to keep the system balanced while also keeping malicious actors in check. Thus, by only investing your funds using a company that is heavily regulated, you can be certain they will be subjected to the rigorous standards of a respected governing body.

Companies like Trade.com are subjected to the standards of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, a well-regarded governing body within the global financial industry. This means that accurate records must be kept and regularly submitted to this governing body to remain in business. By depositing your funds at Trade.com, you can be certain they will be in safe hands. In fact, Cyprus is a major financial hub of the world, and many individuals work with investment bankers from this region. As a result, an extensive number of reviews for this company have now been posted online and the quality of the user experience Trade.com provides has become public knowledge. There’s no need to guess how well this broker is going to treat you, because you can simply heed the advice of hundreds of other customers that have already tested out this service before you. Their reliable advice will ultimately tell you that this site is on par with other global brokerage firms in terms of the respectability of the regulating bodies it’s governed by.

Trading Platforms

74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Trade.com is a professional organization throughout. As you use their system, you will soon discover that Trade.com’s trading platforms are cutting-edge programs that will help you get more out of every trade. A thorough Trade.com review would in all probability be quite positive about the professional quality trading platforms this company uses to enhance the customer experience. Trade.com customers are given extensive control over the way they trade and this control extends over a massive list of asset classes.

This exceptional control is not only found in the user interface though, because Trade.com also provides its customers with extensive analytics tools to help them further develop their trading skills. Compare multiple asset charts on the same screen so that you can weed out the very best opportunities available and spot trends that no one else can see. You can then make trades directly in the platform so that you can do all of your research and buying in one place.

Web Trading Platform

Trade.com offers a nice and unique web trading platform.

Desktop Trading Platform

Trade.com currently does not offer a desktop trading platform.

Mobile Trading

There’s also a mobile platform available so that you can trade all of the currencies and stocks you love to have churning in your portfolio throughout the day. Never miss a beat again with a professional quality trading platform that can be taken with you just about anywhere. Quick and easy easy access to this trading platform makes it particularly convenient to use when you are on the go. All you need are your login credentials and you’ll be able to instantly make adjustments to your portfolio to account for any changes affecting the global financial markets.

Markets and Investment Products

One of the areas a Trade.com review is likely to rave about is the diversity of the product offerings this company makes available to its customers. When you trade on a standard platform, you just might find yourself primarily only trading stocks for a minimal amount of profit. By working on a platform that’s more sophisticated and capable of handling trades covering everything from cryptocurrencies to municipal bonds, you can make more trades that better suit your unique requirements as an investor. You can now choose specifically how much risk you are willing to accept in your portfolio by choosing only those investments that are right for you. Avoid the risks of actively trading by purchasing standard stocks, or go all in by purchasing derivatives that will allow for you to leverage your money like never before. The choice is yours when using the Trade.com platform.

The ability to trade cryptoccurencies and exotic currency pairs allows for investors to take on a whole new world of challenges that are unlike any of those faced when investing in typical stocks. This sophisticated platform doesn’t just let you invest only in bitcoin either, because it also lets you purchase other popular cryptocurrencies like Litecoin to help you further diversify your portfolio.

Customer Support

An institution that allows for its customers to buy and sell more than 100,000 different types of assets is obviously a well-established player within its industry. As a Trade.com review will tell you, this company operates at a level of excellence that is only paralleled by the major investment banks of the world. Along with a series of high-end trading platforms that make the process of investing more convenient than ever, this company also provides its customers with full-service customer support that will likely exceed your expectations.

All customers are given access to a multitude of options when it comes to contacting their support team. Furthermore, this range of options only improves as your account grows in size. Given enough money in your account, you can be given access to concierge quality customer service that will elevate your banking experience to a whole new level. Courteous staff are available throughout the week to assist you with any issues you may have and they may be easily contacted by chat, phone, or email. Expect timely responses and professional interactions from this customer support team.


Read any Trade.com review and you will find plenty of information mentioning the education section of Trade.com’s website. That’s because this company has gone to great lengths to help people from any background immediately get into currency trading without being intimidated by the process. Not only does this company offer an easy-to-use platform for trading, but they also provide step by step guidance on how to use it. That way you can immediately start trading your favorite financial instruments without having to spend a lot of time figuring out how to use clunky hardware.

The education section at Trade.com is surprisingly deep as well. While you will indeed find quite a few basic videos about today’s market movements, and the best strategies beginners can use to profit from the markets, you will also gain access to a whole series of tools that may just prove to be the secret to your success. Detailed calendars containing information about market moving events are regularly published by Trade.com to provide its customers with exceptional access to detailed news and information affecting their trades. No longer must you be surprised by a story appearing on the television. Now, you can predict such outcomes so that you can profit from these market movements rather than be surprised by them.

Furthermore, premium members are also given access to certain tools that will likely take their trading skills to a new level. That’s because Trade.com provides its clients with professional quality tools that are used every day by skilled investment bankers around the world. These tools contain powerful technical indicators that can help you make better predictions when buying and selling. Not only that though, because you will also be given access to detailed global research that will provide you with deep insights into the quality of the fundamentals affecting every investment you make. In this way, you can now only invest in stocks that come highly recommended by experienced individuals in the financial industry while still making all of the buy and sell decisions on your own.

Pros and Cons

  • Outstanding overall customer service experience that is designed to streamline the process of buying global securities.
  • They have a professional looking appearance on the web and an average Trade.com review would reveal that their services are perfectly legitimate and entirely secure.
  • By being registered with a reputable oversight committee, and by being properly insured in case of loss, Trade.com has clearly done their homework and prepared their institution for just about anything.
  • Trade.com has also taken great measures to provide their customers with the ultimate financial services experience by giving them access to more financial instruments than most other brokerage firms.
  • They provide their customers with access to a secure and simple trading platform that allows for them to quickly and easily make trades from anywhere in the world.
  • Trade.com is at the forefront of the global financial services community.
  • Cyprus is now taking a chunk of the global financial services market share by working with countries from all over the world that aren’t always granted access to the financial services they need.
  • Trade.com is a one-stop shop for every kind of financial instrument under the sun and they make it simpler than ever for you to actively engage in the global currency markets.
  • People from every country are unable to trade on this platform.
  • Hidden costs associated with trading.
  • Exceptional list of asset classes, but limited trading options.
  • An incredibly diverse list of assets available for purchase increases the risk to the uninformed investor. It can also make it difficult for investors to choose which investment options are right for them if they find the number of choices overwhelming.
  • Steep learning curve for the uninitiated. Be prepared to spend countless hours in the extensive education section if you are not already deeply familiar with trading global financial instruments.

The Bottom Line

All in all, if you were reading an unbiased Trade.com review, it would likely say that Trade.com is a rather typical investment bank. Even so, this company incorporates a number of innovative features into their business practices that will surely help to make your experience investing in global markets much more enjoyable in the long run.

No longer must you spend countless hours switching between platforms trying to trade between cryptocurrencies and CFDs. Today, you can get all of your trading done in one place. Not only will this make you more secure by only using one platform to submit all of your buy and sell orders, but you will likely also find it to be much more convenient as well.

Some customers might not particularly love the fee structure that is associated with this company’s services though. At many typical brokers, you will have to pay a specific fee to make certain types of transactions. This provides for a certain level of transparency that could potentially help you earn more from your investments. When you use the Trade.com platform though, you will be making trades in the dark essentially since the spread will ultimately depict how much you pay to complete each trade. Naturally, this could potentially lead to your paying substantially higher prices for relatively simple trades that shouldn’t cost that much. Even so, what you are really paying for is convenience in this particular instance. As any Trade.com review would indicate, this company offers an unparalleled level of service by giving its customers access to a number of global financial markets. They also make it easier than ever for you to submit buy and sell orders in all of these financial markets to further make your life a little bit more enjoyable.

Since the fees that are exacted through the use of a spread are generally fairly reasonable according to an average Trade.com review, most investors probably won’t feel the need to worry about the additional cost of gaining access to this unparalleled level of service. If you want to make trading in global financial markets easier than ever, than this is the company for you. Overall, Trade.com makes it simpler than ever for customers to start trading in complicated financial instruments. Just deposit your funds, select the financial instruments you’d like to buy, and Trade.com’s sophisticated software will then do all of the hard work for you. Just sit back and sip on your morning coffee as you watch bitcoin’s price skyrocket month after month. Or make some adrenaline pumping trades in financial markets most people have never even heard of. These are the incredible options you will be given access to once you are a Trade.com customer.

As you can imagine, such perks are absolutely invaluable in the eyes of an experienced trader. Experienced traders require that their brokerage firms give them access to the most complex financial instruments available. To ensure their trades are successful, they also need up to date news and detailed research that will guide them when making buy and sell decisions. No longer must you fly in the dark as a casual investor. Today, you can start using professional quality trading gear that will bring your skills to a level you may have never thought possible. Trade like the pros by using the very same databases they rely on each day and gain access to world-class customer service that only gets better as your portfolio grows in size. These are the reasons why many high-end customers are now flocking to Trade.com, because this company excels in a variety of ways to provide their customers with an exceptional service that is sure to please.

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